Swiftech H20-220 APEX ULTIMA CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

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Kit de refrigeración Liquida
Swiftech H20-220
CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

Swiftech H20-220  APEX ULTIMA   CPU Liquid Cooling Kit

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The H20-220 Ultima XT CPU liquid cooling kit continues our long established tradition of bundling our top performing components to produce the best cooling kit the market has to offer. A declination of this kit for complete system cooling is also available under the part number Ultima XT Plus.

Featuring what many consider as the world's best water-block: the recently released Apogee XT, the MCRES-Micro Revision 2 , the classic MCP655-B pump and MCR220 dual 120mm radiator, the Ultima XT receives yet another quantum boost in both performance and versatility.

As a result of the substantial cooling headroom afforded by this combination of top performance components the Ultima XT kit will satisfy both extremes of the enthusiast market spectrum:

Overclockers in search of the lowest CPU temperatures
Silent computing users in search of the lowest possible operating noise.
Whereas an increasing number of cases can now accommodate dual 120mm radiators internally, users convenience was not forgotten, and the Ultima XT is shipped standard with our MCB120 "Radbox" Revision 2 which allows the radiator to be bolted-on at the back of practically any mid-or full tower cases. Overall thermal performance also clearly benefits from the use of our Radbox, as explained HERE, and demonstrated in a number of FIELD TESTS .

The MCR220 dual 120mm radiator fits nicely at the back of any mid-tower chassis thanks to the MCB120 "Radbox" Revision2 .

Platform Compatibility

All Intel® Core™ Desktop processor family (Core™2, Quad, Duo, Extreme, i5, i7) in socket 775, 1156 and 1366 form factor.
Intel® Server processor family (Xeon™) in socket 603, 604 and 771 form factors (free hold-down plate sent factory-direct on demand worldwide

AMD® processors in their respective socket form factors - 754, 939, F, AM2 and AM3 (free hold-down plate sent factory-direct on demand worldwide

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